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Installing Rocky Linux 8.5

The screenshots in this guide are a bit lacking, I forgot to take a bunch of screenshots.  I'll be adding more detail to this guide in the near future.  If you need clarification on anything watch our attached Youtube video.

Introduction - Rocky Linux

This guide covers the install process for Rocky Linux 8.5.  "Rocky Linux is an open-source enterprise operating system designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®."

Rocky Linux is very similar to CentOS, if you've installed CentOS or Redhat the install process is very similar. 

Installation Process

Step 1 - Boot to Rocky Linux Install Media (ISO)

Step 2 - Select "Test this media & install Rocky Linux 8"


Step 3 - Choose Language


Step 4 - Set Root Password


Step 5 - Software Selection

In this section, pick the software you want to have on the server.  You can usually always install these packages after the install is complete.  


Step 6 - Set Installation Destination

Just opening this menu and confirming the default config is enough to continue the install.  The default config is usually good enough.  If you have multiple disks or need encryption, then you may want to review the settings more closely.


Step 7 - Configure Network

You can press the switch icon to enable the network.  It will use DHCP by default.  If you want to set a static address, then go to the IPv4 tab and set the dropdown from DHCP to manual and fill out the necessary info.  I also suggest you set the hostname at the bottom of the main network page. 


Step 8 - Configure a Security Profile (Optional)

If you want to apply a security profile, you can click on this option and apply a preset from a bunch of common defaults.


Step 9 - Click Begin Installation


Wait for install to complete...


Step 10 - Click Reboot System

You may want to remove installation media now to prevent the system from booting to it again.


That's it!  Rocky Linux is now installed!